Mark’s Machinations

Marcelo Karlsson (also known as Mark Karlsson, CyberHippie or CH) is the creator of Rimbit (RBT). He has a very special way of writing (I guess we all have to some extent) that is very easy to recognize. He writes without apostrophes, like dont (don’t), its (it’s) and your (you’re), he uses punctuation wrong — especially comma — and he makes long sentences that can be difficult to read and understand. He uses words like to/too, maybe/may be, setup/set up, lose/loose and were/where wrong or interchangeably. Sometimes even whole posts can be made up of sentences that make little or no sense.

English is not my native language (please excuse any bad grammar or spelling mistakes), but I understand Norwegian and Danish. They are very similar languages, but the comma is used differently in sentences — and this is easily recognizable. The way Mark uses commas in his English is simply bad grammar, and coming from someone who speaks with an Australian-American accent one would expect a higher level of writing. If he — on the other hand — has some kind of reading and/or writing disability then I’m not here to mock him because of that. I don’t believe he’s writing this way on purpose.

Mark is a self-proclaimed bipolar sufferer, and he once mentioned on the forum that he has an IQ of 180. I’m not a doctor — and I don’t play one on the internet — but being bipolar is not good. Maybe that explains his rage issues. I don’t know if having such a high IQ gives him the impression that his machinations will never be exposed by “idiots” like us, but I’ve been reading his stuff since the first “unnamed coin” forum in May 2014 and I can easily tell when he’s the writer of something. The selfish/narcissistic/vindictive attitude many of his posts convey — coupled with the grammar and spelling issues — should make it easy for you to identify his writing, as well.

I have offered my help many times over the years in an effort to make the various Rimbit websites look more professional, but he is clearly a one-man show. That’s fine if it weren’t for the fact that he asks for help from the community to do stuff … but only for the stuff he wants us to do. If someone suggests an idea that Mark wants to do on his own (or doesn’t want to do at all), then he simply ignores anyone’s input (or ignore the idea out of existence). His blatant disregard of not addressing direct questions on the forum is also an easily recognizable trait of his.

Once there was a member named Bones. He accused Mark of creating a fake member, and when I went back and read this member’s posts it was so obvious that it was Mark’s writing. Bones quit the Rimbit community after that dispute (or maybe he’s still around under another name), but maybe other long-standing members know something. A lot of information has been deleted with all the forum upgrades, and I don’t know what happened before Mark created this fake member. I also don’t think I have any evidence to back this up, so no claims are being made about it. Let’s just call this an anecdote.

Fast forward to the present day, and we now have several members created by Mark. Hopefully the reason and evidence that follow will make it easy to recognize the true identity of these minions, by comparing their posts with Mark’s writing on the forum, Indiegogo (IGG), Patreon and

Below is a sample of sentences from Indiegogo with bad grammar, spelling mistakes and a whole lot of that familiar “Markness” vibe that makes it so easy to identify him. Find more examples further down the IGG Updates and Comments page, if needed:

Indiegogo Campaign Story

– Rimbit is the only Crypto Currency in the world, not controlled by offshore companies
– Its all here now and nothing else to speculate!
– So this campaign is all about pushing the coding limits to their fullest and looking for better ways to use Rimbit with software and also hardware that we design and build for the purpose of storing Rimbit and transacting with Rimbit.
– Once you have installed the free wallet, it will have generated your first Rimbit Wallet Address, that is unique per the install, so don’t lose it.
– Its at this stage, we suggest you do a backup of your wallet, to an external source such as USB stick, CD/DVD or cloud storage, so just in case you loose your Rimbit wallet, your backup will ensure you haven’t lost your Rimbit
– We have forum moderators that dont work very hard, since we have found the community is mature by nature, courteous and always ready to lend a hand, which will soon make you an Expert in Rimbit and can then help others.
– We removed mining, which is just a term used to extract coins from an algorithm, which we found to be as useless and expensive endeavor and Rimbit has replaced it with minting, which is a very clever way of being more “bank like”.
– We need you to help us spread the word and in doing so, Rimbit becomes more popular and as time progresses, more retail stores and companies will consider using Rimbit to pay for services and utilities in an even easier way than can be done now.

Indiegogo Campaign Updates

– The Buyer must show documentation issued by the Seller stating the goods purchased, such as invoice, which MUST INCLUDE the wallet address of the Seller, so we can verify the transfer has taken place.
– Once the documentation has been reviewed, Rimbit accesses the issue and if proven that the Seller has not completed the transaction, within the alloted timeframe and or has not responded to the Buyer or Rimbit, then we take action.
– The forum has come to a bit of a standoff, with the Burning of coins.
– The purpose of this project of resurrecting coins is not to exchange the coins, but to instead go after a more valuable asset, which are the people that hold the coin and bring them over to Rimbit and in doing so, we may get a more active group that is willing to participate in getting new members in joining Rimbit.
– We need more proactive members and our hope is that by swapping dead coins for Rimbit, we get a few more people moving that pool table and with their effort, we hope they can bring in more members, until “moving” becomes so easy that it begins to move by itself.
– I hope the analogy made sense and if it didn’t, come over to the forum and let me know… Or better yet, lets all go to the forum and discuss ways to make Rimbit a valued coin, that will make a difference to all of us!
– Burning Rimbit is sending the remainder of Rimbit to a fake wallet address, removing it entirely from the system and thereby, no longer available for anyone to access or use.
– For example, if you did a search for Crypto Currency in Spanish, you may type “moneda Crypto” into the Spanish version of Google and we are hoping over time, will get Rimbit on the first page of the Spanish Google search and then when click on the link, will go to and so on for the languages that we have.
– You also have the option to simply click a flag, that will take you to the language of choice.

Indiegogo Campaign Comments

– I prefer to do support on the forum as it helps anyone else that has similar issues and can then troubleshoot issues themselves
– This has nothing to do with this campaign, so I will remind you again, that all support is done on the forums.
– There will be no value, without distribution and getting as much RBT out into the community will in turn create value.
– We use the forum so people can have immediate information on their problem and if that problem hasn’t been discussed, then as a group, we answer those questions.
– The Rimbit wallet is built to produce that Interest rate internally without user intervention and also enabling Rimbit to have more of a bank type structure as balances can gain interest and not simply sit still as Bitcoin does.
– We did this to keep wallets open, so the network can confirm and verify transaction via the users wallet, unlike Bitcoin that requires miners to do that, which has now become a very expensive and centralized method for Bitcoin
– Personally we dont like this new format and we hope they change it back to what it was previously or gave some options as to what can be displayed.
– All contributions are responded to ASAP and at latest within a 24 hr period, as our timeframe is Bangkok and it may be midnight when we get emails, which we respond to immediately when time permits.

Mark & His Minions

Based on the knowledge from Indiegogo, I will connect several forum members’ writing to Mark. The combination of bad grammar, spelling mistakes, foul language, passive-aggressive mental state and narcissistic behavior reveals the puppet master behind them.

As far as I know it started with docSavage (member #806), and he was apparently the head of a farmer’s coop interested in using RBT. According to Mark, jskramer and I — as the despicable characters that we are — chased docSavage away from the forum. Mark wants us to believe that docSavage gave up on the whole Rimbit project because two community members gave him a cold shoulder, and even Mark wasn’t able to convince “himself” to stay. Do you feel that “losing” this savage with the mental capacity of a five-year-old was a loss to the Rimbit community? I don’t! Continue reading, and it will become clear to you that Mark is writing the posts by docSavage and the others.

This is docSavage’s first post in his introduction thread. He’s new to the Rimbit project, and doesn’t own any RBT at this time, because he just found the forum. Also notice how his signature makes perfect sense coming from an individual who does not expect to live very long (my thoughts go to his kids and wife):


This is his second post in his introduction thread. I don’t know at which rate he thinks a random forum on the interwebs gets new members, but he apparently thinks that this forum isn’t getting “enough” members. By saying this, he plays on members’ (potential) guilty conscience for not promoting the IGG campaign enough (classic tactic by overly narcissistic individuals), because if few people are buying on IGG, then few people are signing up on the forum:


This is his third post in his introduction thread. He’s probably posting to increase his post count, to add a few more humble newbie posts to his name, and to become a more familiar face on the forum:


He starts posting in the burning thread, which is probably the main reason why Mark created him. At this time I didn’t know he was Mark, but looking at the post in retrospect it would be fair to say that his hidden agenda is that he doesn’t want to lose his IGG income. So maybe he tries to hint to the idea that the (about) 50 million decentralized RBT aren’t enough because they are currently owned by too few individuals. While this is a valid concern, it doesn’t take away from the fact that we need to burn the (about) 340 million centralized RBT because … they are centralized! This is the only way the Rimbit project can rid itself of the ever-lurking scam shadow. The process of spreading the remaining, already decentralized 50 million RBT out to more individuals has to be dealt with separately (EDIT: Mark’s been more open with the numbers after I wrote this. Apparently the cold wallet is 251 million, but we haven’t come to the bottom of it so just treat my numbers and percentages as examples to make a point.):


My reply (I didn’t know that he was Mark at the time):


toucan’s reply:


docSavage asks some more questions. Notice that he writes its instead of it’s:


toucan answers:


In this next post I want you to look closely at the first sentence. Do you recognize the placement of the comma between with and tried? Classic Mark! He finishes of the long and grammatically bad sentence by showing that he doesn’t understand the difference between everyday and every day. No disrespect; just classic Mark!

So he’s saying that dealing with BTC has always been an issue because of the price fluctuations, and it’s also difficult to buy it (on exchanges, which he alludes to in his previous post). It is true that getting your hands on some RBT is easier than it is with BTC, but he forgets that the whole point of a crypto currency is for it to remain decentralized. That Mark owns about 90% of the available currency supply is apparently not an issue with the Rimbit project. The centralized mining is part of the reason that Mark criticizes the Bitcoin network. And rightly so. And why does he keep painting a negative picture of exchanges? Apparently the current situation (one person owns 90%, the rest own 10%) makes RBT look more solid to him than BTC:


Sheepx7 answers:


I’m not sure what point he’s trying to make, but what would be the plans for distribution after all the initial 380 million RBT had been sold? There wouldn’t be a plan because there would be no more centralized RBT to distribute! If we simply imagine that the currently distributed 50 million RBT was the initial amount to be sold, then we wouldn’t be having this burn-or-no-burn discussion:


Sheepx7 answers:


He’s probably run out of questions and arguments by now, so he says he’ll post an update here later:


At this point, I guess the patience required to play docSavage ran out, and maybe because he kept getting good answers to all his questions he decided to try a new approach: enter the newest member at the time: kevisind (#814). Incredibly enough, this guy also writes its instead of it’s, and if he signed up (at IGG, I presume) in early 2015, I wonder why he didn’t have to register here before he received his RBT. At least that’s what Mark required before he released any funds (maybe kevisind slipped by):


Then suddenly MohawkHorses (#815) — being the new newest member — rides by. The reason I was suspicious of this member:
– MohawkHorses references “himself” when he writes: “I dont agree with burning at all and as someone else said, this is not what I signed up for!”, so he’s trying to support kevisind’s ridiculous and hostile post.
– In the above sentence he writes dont instead of don’t, and he does not use a comma after “burning at all”, but does use one after “someone else said”. Classic Mark!
– The third sentence beginning with “Bitcoin” is very “and” … “and” (long) to read, and includes its instead of it’s.
– He mocks the community (selfish/narcissistic/vindictive behavior), saying only “3 or 4 people” do something.
– He touts the social media success achieved by DOGE and other coins, as if this is the Holy Grail (just like Mark thinks). I’m not saying that he has no good intentions, but as a long-time member you’ve probably had enough of Mark’s never-ending shaming of members for not doing enough social media promotion.
– He writes setup instead of set up.

I could go on and on dissecting almost every sentence by pointing out the lack of apostrophes and wrong use of comma, but you are probably convinced already about the whole “Markness” of this post:


Then docSavage is back five days later with a destructive and aggressive attack on one member … and while he’s at it he throws in a negative remark on what he feels about the rest of us:


At this time I knew it was Mark because of what he wrote in his censorship thread (up next). You can be sure that Mark didn’t like this post of mine, but if you think I was too strict in this post, you haven’t seen what other members (including Mark) have written — and gotten away with — in the last few weeks:


In this post he starts off by lying, because in his introduction thread he said that he’d just found this forum. He’s quoting a message from me that I wrote to him when I deleted one of his posts. I did not know that he was Mark at the time, and I had only good intentions behind deleting his post; I wanted the thread in question to stay in “advanced mode”. Just imagine members on a BMX forum discussing bikes when a newbie comes along and asks: “What’s a BMX?” Yes, I’m exaggerating, but that was my thinking behind the decision. You can read the thread yourself and agree or disagree with my “advanced mode” decision. He writes: maybe instead of may be; doesnt instead of doesn’t; havent instead of haven’t:


His next post starts with a missing apostrophe in im, and he continues with the lying because he is exactly here merely by chance; he said so in his first post. Now he says that he’s been watching the forum for several weeks:


This is the post that confirmed my suspicion because of its familiar sarcastic tone and also because Mark often writes posts as riddles and he beats around the bush a lot. Coupled with the missing apostrophe in wasnt, the case was closed:


But the thought hadn’t crossed my mind when I began writing my reply. It was when finishing off that I had this creeping déjà vu feeling. And then it dawned on me: docSavage … is kevisind … is MohawkHorses … is CyberHippie … is Mark! I was planning on exposing him because of the above post, and that’s why I asked him to explain what he meant. After I posted, I realized what a fucked up individual he is (he had already created the fake member(s) on an earlier forum), and I was afraid that exposing him at this time would lead to an avalanche of craziness/”Markness” on his part. I didn’t want the cold wallet RBT to suddenly “disappear”, so Frudel posted his interpretation, and I decided to accept that argument in order to avoid any escalation based on a potential nonsense reply from docSavage:


toucan created a thread about exchanges:


docSavage seizes the opportunity to write something negative and destructive — and nothing positive and constructive — about it. What’s his point? Is he not aware of the fact that sometimes procedures seem complicated to inexperienced individuals? Is he suggesting that learning to trade on exchanges is not worth the effort? Exchanges look and are complicated for many people to begin with, but what’s his point? Is he subtly trying to hail IGG as the savior of Rimbit by saying that exchanges are too complicated to be bothered with? Instead of complaining about it one can either accept their role in the crypto currency sphere and learn to trade, or leave them be. Posts written in this passive–aggressive mental state is classic Mark:


docSavage creates a new thread about … well, it’s hard to tell. Notice in the second sentence how he writes: “should be so simple and has been blown”. Do you see what I mean: “and has”? That’s a classic Mark sentence! Further down he writes its instead of it’s, and uses a comma between forum and to see. Several of the other sentences have that “Markness” vibe that you saw in the Indiegogo examples:


SteinsMadScientist asks for clarification:


Then he apparently understands what he means when he finds this previous post (the post quoted below), which has been deleted by docSavage. I guess docSavage deleted that post when he realized that he was complaining about people complaining. This once so humble stumbled-upon-Rimbit-on-the-interwebs guy had in record time turned into the most unempathetic member ever seen on the forum (except for Mark posting as himself). Mark was really letting his true colors shine through now:


As if creating docSavage, kevisind and MohawkHorses wasn’t enough … we’re introduced to this “WTF” character. I knew the second I laid my eyes on the word didnt that: here we go again. Didntdontits … are you fucking kidding me? Now would be a good time to start using a little bit of that 180 IQ of yours. lamrich is apparently a long-time RBT user, but never bothered getting involved with the community until now; a four-person team, and none of them did.


Yes, my posts were cold and unwelcoming, but now you know why. If you find an older post where I’ve “welcomed” another member in this way, I will send you 666 RBT:


jskramer and I had built, which the community wanted as the new “face” of Rimbit, but Mark — being the narcissistic individual that he is — doesn’t have a habit of listening to the community … so why start now:


I wasn’t expecting a reply — because he never answers tough questions from the community — but I wanted him to feel the heat:


To my surprise he actually comments on it, but forgets that cursing without a good reason is not allowed on the forum. Mark doesn’t post publicly that he has warned lamrich about this cursing (like he made sure that he did with me):


See that wink emoticon and how I wrote “admin” and not admin? They were hints to tell Mark that I knew about his machinations. I called him a shill, but I didn’t explain why (obviously) … but now you know why. The pleasure derived from the irony of me cursing when asking why lamrich cursed, was too great of a chance to miss; I just had to do it. I thought the post would get deleted, but not that I would get banned:


Enter the Amazing Admin. If you haven’t read his posts before I would like to introduce you to … Mark. Yes! This guy is also Mark! I can imagine how difficult it must be to juggle all these personas. As you’ve already seen with the other minions the “Markness” shines through in all of them. The same goes for this disruptive, lying dictator:


Here I would’ve liked to show you a deleted post by sheepx7, where he asked about more information from lamrich. Mark has been attacking me for deleting posts I don’t like, but I guess that rule doesn’t apply to his god-like sense of righteousness.

lamrich’s answer to Sheepx7 is: “just a member”, and then he’s out of here after he ridicules the whole community while writing im instead of I’m, and dont instead of don’t:


Everything Mark … eh … I mean admin writes in the comment to BobBobert about the warnings and reports to my name is a lie until he can prove it. His words mean nothing, and we now know that Mark’s the biggest liar the members of this forum have ever seen:


BobBobert adds some logic and reason into the debate, and accuses lamrich of flouncing off:


lamrich comes back, probably after his mommy and daddy messaged him to calm down, and now he’s all like: “Y u no leik me, much?” (google it). Yes, I went off on him calling him a shill without backing up my claim, but he never confronted me about that accusation. Why doesn’t he ask me about why I think he’s a shill? Instead he belittles us with a comment about fantasies:


BobBobert tries to calm down this adult acting like a five-year-old (no disrespect to five-year-olds), and welcomes him “back”:


He attacks BobBobert, but tones it down a little and includes everyone else in his attack (because Mark likes BobBobert). In his overly narcissistic brain he feels that we should all thank him for finally taking the time (after how long?) to introduce himself. His claim of being a member of the unnamed coin forum is a lie until he can prove it. It’s not relevant, anyway, because if he was a member back then it wasn’t as a merchant. No one asks regular members about their identity. In the last sentence he throws in a few dont, for good measure:


BobBobert replies:


The Amazing Admin steps in and talks to the two adults BobBobert and “himself” (yes, I know it’s weird) to stop fighting, as if they were kids. He writes thats instead of that’s:


Tom Scott and BobBobert add some more welcoming words for our new friend:


lamrich responds with a little bit of “Markness”: the comma between product and which reveals his true identity. Just reread the Indiegogo sentences where Mark uses which or that after a comma:


BobBobert carefully asks if we’re allowed to ask him questions:


To which he replies:


Aren’t we just one big happy family now, guys. Treat people with respect, yes, but do not treat pathological liars like Mark with respect. I assume the reason Mark acts shocked about lamrich’s revelation is that he wants to portray him as forthcoming despite being a private individual:


lamrich should feel free to stay as private as he like (and suffer potential business because of it), but a few days later he decides to tell the whole world his full name:


So he’s been watching the forum for a long time, and he complains about the fact that most people just talk and don’t do. Well, what else is new in the world? Finally, in September 2016, he finds the time to actually do something himself. Would you like a large hallelujah and fries with that? As BobBobert points out: Those who talk about doing stuff have at least talked about doing stuff, when lamrich did absolutely nothing. He also writes dont instead of don’t, and setup instead of set up:


lamrich replies, and I just want to point out the use of im instead of I’m, and thats instead of that’s. Also notice that he’s not interested in the community, but only in his own needs. He suggests that one of the other worthless members can do something. Mark has been complaining a lot about how tough his last two years have been. I guess earning $200,000 (we don’t know exactly, because he never answers questions about it) while living in Thailand made it worth his while:


He attacks BobBobert and wants us to praise him some more because he actually used his own money on himself. Well, who else would you expect to get the money from? Not Mark’s IGG fund, that’s for sure. He talks about our thick heads and how we will be ostracizing more good, humble, empathetic members like himself if we continue to treat them like he treats us. Then he admits to have been watching us idiots for over a year, and finally now he’s had enough of our incompetence. Maybe some of us would’ve achieved more in Rimbit’s name if we could live off — and spend from — a $200,000 trust fund.


BobBobert brings it to him:


lamrich uses four exclamation marks behind that first sentence. Keyboard rage, anyone? Then it’s basically: dont, its, dont, setup and didnt written in this all so familiar nasty mental state that shines through in all of Mark’s characters:


Kudos to BobBobert for being more patient and reasonable than one should be when dealing with aggressive individuals like this:


The Amazing Admin asks BobBobert and “himself” nicely to end the discussion … and you don’t want to agitate this monster. BobBobert decides to take a bath to wash off any remains of his fierce fight with lamrich:


Here’s just a little more incrimination evidence against Mark. So lamrich just received an email in his inbox (that’s usually where I receive them, as well). He thanks Mark for helping him with his website: There’s no doubt about who’s been writing stuff on that website, that’s for sure. Now he apparently wants to help “Rimbit” … but who is “Rimbit”? Mark? That’s not clear to me, but I guess so. Earlier he made it clear that he only cares about himself; not “us”, but I guess Mark is not part of that “us”. Let’s also throw in that wont, to top it off:


As you’ve seen examples of already, this guy is always trying to end discussions between responsible adults and closing threads he doesn’t like. Here are a few more posts that ooze of Mark’s character traits.

I believe this is admin’s “welcome” post … you know … where you introduce yourself in a polite and humble manner, maybe adding something positive about why you joined the forum, or why you are excited abour Rimbit’s future. Mark apparently gets a ton of complaints about my “negative” and “demanding” attitude on the forum, so check out this no-nonsense-straight-to-the-point-I’m-the-new-daddy-in-the-house introduction:


His main objective is to “straighten out” a moderator (me) who has gone rogue, and he will not be active in discussions:


What Sheepx7 mentions about off-topic posting was not mentioned by admin, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide if he’s been doing a good job with keeping discussions on-topic (where has admin been lately?):


And so begins the damning evidence of who this admin is. Notice in the first sentence how he doesn’t use a comma between different and as, giving the sentence that familiar flow that we now know so well. In the second sentence I want you to notice the comma between so and has. He also mentions something about a never-ending commitment. Then a few fantastically long sentences follow, sprinkled with: dont and thats and cant:


I used his health condition as a reason for members to get together and take control over everything Rimbit, because he tells us nothing about it, and we don’t want to wake up one day while he doesn’t. He deleted the post, so I don’t have evidence of what I wrote, but apparently that gave him another reason to hate me. He points out that this will no longer be tolerated, but how could I know that it wasn’t tolerated when he hadn’t started not tolerating it yet? This is just another anecdote of Mark’s lack of logic and reasoning:


He said that he wouldn’t be active in discussions, but I guess he changed his mind:


Now he even wants to help with finding a plugin (and writes its). I’m sorry admin, but that’s Mark’s role. I can understand that it’s hard to keep track of all the lies you’ve told as the six individuals you’ve been posting as, and I believe that you’re trying your best:


Now he confirms that his role is also that of offering assistance. Never forget about the its (just another piece of evidence):


He writes cant:


The first sentence has no comma between phone and as. In the second sentence I want you to notice the lack of the word it between and and is, in this part of the sentence: “in a minute and is up”. That’s bad grammar, and Mark’s special way of writing just as we’ve seen in his Indiegogo sentences:


BobBobert starts a thread about the fact that something’s not quite right on the forum at the moment. He points out that it makes no sense that I was banned and lamrich wasn’t:


Frudel posts his opinion:


So does Sheepx7:


And Cellule:


This is a discussion between responsible individuals, so BobBobert claims his right to reply:


Sheepx7 also claims the right to argue his view:


And we have a discussion going, which is allowed on a forum:


Even admin posts to confirm this, but of course forgets to tell us that lamrich has been warned (and possibly banned?) because he also broke several of the rules admin is referring to … several times. He lies when he says that my privilege was taken away from me, because I quit as an admin the day before I received the warning about the post on his medical condition. If you can prove me wrong, I will send you 666 RBT:


Cellule points out the warning/banning bias:


BobBobert continues:


But admin decides — as the delightful dictator that he is — that enough has been said. Which rule does he base his decision on? So much for the community being in control of what to discuss. I deleted docSavage’s post with good intentions, but what followed made me realize that being an admin with ruling powers is not in my nature. That’s why I quit:


BobBobert asks about what the rules for closing threads are:


There are none, so admin apparently creates a new rule for it based on “someone’s” request. I guess it’s a request from the same anonymous members who send him complaints about my behavior on the forum, but who don’t have the guts to discuss their views openly. These are all claims that he never backs up with evidence. Oh … I almost forgot the its and the damning its:


Members, like Cellule, flock in to voice their opinions:




Dead5pur, who candidly points out that admin might as well be Mark. He also points out Mark’s lack of transparency over the Indiegogo trust fund:


BobBobert adds to that notion of the “mysterious” disappearance of around $200,000:


cbreum doesn’t think admin is treating members with respect:


And Hugues rounds it up with some wise words:


You may not agree with the way I wrote some of my to-the-point posts on the forum, but if you start attacking me and dismissing the topic at hand because it came from me, then you’ve already lost. Mark created an off-topic forum where civilized discussion about everything can take place. If Mark is telling the truth about all the complaints about me, then why didn’t those members come to me with it? That’s called being a pussy. They could also have contacted me by PM if they’re afraid to speak their mind in public. I know most people shun conflict, but please man up, man (or woman).

Here we are discussing the 3 BTC listing fee sent to Bittrex. Mark claims that the crypto currency crowd consists of a lot of lazy and unethical people, so that’s why it’s taking so long to get a response from Bittrex. How do you like Mark’s responses and non-answers to your and everyone else’s requests and questions on the forum? Mark is the prime example of bad ethics himself, so: well put. And there’s something familiar with the way that couldnt word is written:


This is August 16, and Mark even likes my post (he’s liked many of my posts). Maybe the G almighty will punish me, but at least the savior of Rimbit does not send me to hell because of my reply:


Hofer is one of the members who have truly felt Mark’s nasty temperament. Yes, he was young and eager when we started back in 2014 … maybe a little too eager at times, but I’ll leave it up to him if he wants to talk about it. Nothing wrong with this reply, though:


Mark likes my post and totally agrees with (can you agree more than that?). Do you sense any bad vibes between the two of us? I can’t:


“This just came in and is an example” … do you see which word is missing from this sentence? It’s it. have you seen such a sentence before? Yes, you have. Mark wants us to tell Ryan about his unethical treatment of RBT, but what exactly is the reason behind Ryan’s decision? Feel free to call my stupid, but I can’t find the reason:


I ask about the reason:


But he doesn’t know. I don’t understand his logic of wanting to attack Ryan when he doesn’t really know why RBT was rejected. I guess this is just another one of those conspiracy theories that he labels everything not working in his favor:


BobBobert creates a new thread about the Rimbit forum being a great place. The new member he mentions, is docSavage. In that case docSavage posted the reason I deleted it (I have no problem with anyone who disagrees with my decision). The other thread I have no idea about, but I think it’s only Mark and I who moderate the forum so it must have been him. If you can prove that it was me, I will send you 666 RBT:


cbreum shares his opinion:


It is August 30, and I announce my resignation. I call docSavage a troll because I knew he was Mark, but decided to keep it a secret to avoid Mark potentially going haywire over the revelation. There was a lot at stake with him controlling all that RBT, and I didn’t want to ruin that:


Yes, docSavage is a fake, and now you all know it:


As you’ve seen on the forum lately Mark has let his delusional brain get the best of him. He’s basically accusing me of being the Rimbit Reaper, doing everything I can think of to cut down Rimbit’s future. But on August 30, he says nothing about having warned me or deranked me. I was still an admin with full access to the forum control panel, and that’s how I could actually change my status to a regular member. His post is rather cryptic (nothing new there), but I didn’t feel any of that hate that I’ve been getting lately:


BobBobert adds to the discussion:


As do pelidaniel:


And Cellule:


And SteinsMadScientist:


Mark creates a new thread about the farmers. docSavage never posted about his decision (like he said he would on August 25), but contacted Mark directly:


Finally being free of my admin shackles, I subtly begin the posting process that I hope will mark the beginning of the end of Mark’s reign. I post this sarcastic remark about Mark’s … eh … I mean docSavage’s decision. I can imagine that a personal attack on one of an overly narcissistic person’s puppets would create an uncontrolled rage.


BobBobert asks for more information:


As do Cellule:


And Mark suggests that they contact docSavage directly. The irony is fantastic! Hofer didn’t like that guy, Sheepx7 did, Mark says it was all of us who didn’t like docSavage, and BobBobert thinks he was an interesting guy:


BobBobert creates a new thread about the Rulers of Rimbit. He wants to know more about them:


Mark finally answers the repeated requests for this information, at least partly. Not bad! There still is no Round Table group in place, after months of discussing the idea (another one of Mark’s ignoring-stuff-out-of-existence achievements), so that is not addressed:


So BobBobert asks again:


And then some more questions:


Mark replies with another one of his non-answers:


BobBobert doesn’t seem to accept that as an “answer”, so he tries with some new questions:


I don’t know what this was about, but maybe it was something about Mark’s lymphoma:


cbreum doesn’t feel comfortable with the fact that PriorGuy and some unnamed solicitors are in control. PriorGuy and I talked while we raced some fast-paced laps in Assetto Corsa, and he was a really nice guy, so I have nothing bad to say about him. He is still “that guy on the internet”, though, like we all are to each other, so the point here is that trust only takes one so far:


“As I have said” … talking to us with that rude, demeaning tone while elegantly ignoring all previous unanswered questions. The rest … is just blah, blah:


cbreum takes Mark up on his word:


And, lo and behold, it works:


BobBobert patiently asks some more while trying to not agitate Mark’s angry side:


cbreum points out that Mark’s in charge of the (non-existent) RTG, and that he needs to act before his condition gets worse:


The angry side has been awakened … and we get some more “As I said”. He told us about his lymphoma, but now he doesn’t want to update us on the situation anymore. He felt that it was only fair to tell us about it initially, but no more. Was the reason that he told us about it because he wanted sympathy? Maybe he wanted to create a sense of urgency in order to speed up members’ marketing push. Oh … I’ve probably forgotten to point out any “Markness” in his own posts, but here we get some of that its, its and fucking its:


Oh no, cbreum. You will now get a warning for mentioning his health condition again … no … wait … that only applies to me (and possibly pelidaniel):


Yep, cbreum must have some magic power that makes his posts slip under admin’s radar:


So because Mark is busy with marketing, is complaining about his health and wants members to take over the control, I suggest that cbreum and I start the RTG already:


BobBobert thinks this is a good idea:


cbreum thinks that BobBobert and I qualify, but Mark doesn’t think so, because here we are weeks later and BobBobert and I are still not part of the RTG:


As Mark always stresses: He’s just the humble caretaker of the IGG trust fund and the cold wallets, eager to be handing the control over to the community. So I point out that we the community should just start the RTG. You can probably imagine his rage when he read this post:


Sheepx7 still wants Mark to control the one ring to rule them all, but if der Führer accepts, then it’s fine:


In this post I think I mention something about his health, and look what happens to my post, which didn’t happen to cbreum’s. Of course cbreum’s posts should not be deleted, either, but my post is deleted because of Mark’s unwritten rule (or does it say in the rules that mentioning his health condition results in a warning?):


jskramer is not happy with what he sees as censorship:


Which rule is Sheepx7 talking about? What I wrote is gone, so we don’t know, but it can’t be the one that didn’t warn cbreum:


BobBobert doesn’t like this new admin thingy:


“Others” (meaning me) have removed posts based on opinions (evidence, please). He doesn’t say which rule I broke, so I guess we’ll never know:


BobBobert suspects a vendetta against me. Sheepx7 calls my post inappropriate, but won’t tell us what he means, and that’s the end of it:


So there you have it. There’s plenty more for you to discover on the forum now that you know who all these dreadful characters really are, but I hope that this will be enough to convince you of the machinations that Mark and his minions have been cooking. When I’m free to discuss on the forum again, I would be happy to answer any questions or critique you might have for me.

Feel free to contact me below:



As I continue to add evidence to this exposé, I realize that Mark will use his power to keep shaming me on the forum for as long as his user has administrator access. Unless you demand that the Round Table group strips him of his credentials, makes his CyberHippie account a regular member, and bans his “sock puppet” accounts, the forum will continue as the dictatorship it is today.

I had to set a deadline, so I decided to release what you’ve read so far even though I have more evidence of Mark’s disruptive behavior. We have an off-topic forum where everything can be discussed, and if I’m not free to add more evidence against him in threads I post in the off-topic forum, I will continue to add it here. Please stay updated by checking this Updates tab, and I will finish off for now. Thank you for your attention!

1. Mark has allegedly contacted my internet service provider and national police because I created this exposé. So much for free speech … free speech that is even backed by evidence.

2. He claims that I created another forum account, magically adding myself to the Teen Member group. Obviously this is just another attempt to tarnish my reputation, because creating several forum accounts is not illegal. My kids created forum accounts because the Teen Boss thorbjornb offered them 45 RBT if they did. Users Byredyre and Endretta belong to my kids. They even posted on the forum. Just look at the number behind their name and you will see that they were created a long time ago … long before this shit happened:


3. Mark is obsessed with these “sock puppets” that I created (not my kids’ accounts, but actual “sock puppets”). Yes, when Mark banned me I still wanted to be able to log in and read. Ironically he doesn’t think his own “sock puppets” are a problem. I didn’t accidentally admit that I created them; I didn’t give a fuck. How about Mark provide evidence against me on stuff that actually matters. Who gives a fuck about “sock puppets”, anyway, when the future of Rimbit is what’s important?

4. I have nothing to do with the spreading of Mark’s personal information. The reason I created this page was to provide you with what I think is evidence — and not necessarily proof — against Mark’s nefarious behavior on the forum and in general. I’m focusing on having him removed as an admin on the forum, and make him burn the 250+ million RBT in the cold wallet.

5. Here’s an anecdote for you: Mark accused “someone” of performing DDOS attacks on the forum domain. Let’s just assume that you believe it wasn’t me. So now I’m able to log in with Byredyre and Endretta, which means they have not been removed. My two “sock puppet” accounts have been removed. This tells me that Mark knows two accounts are for “realzzz” and two aren’t. Here’s the funny thing, though: I have no loading problems when logging in and out and browsing with these accounts, but when I one second later log in with my account, the page doesn’t load. I don’t know what DDOS attacks look like, but there is definitely something suspicious here, or somehow Mark has done something inside the forum software to discourage my user access. Just imagine what goes on inside Mark’s confused mind when he goes to this length to try and punish me:


Mark thinks I went through all that shit on the forum when I knew the numbers. Yes, just like everyone else also knew all the numbers, but just kept asking again and again because we wanted so bad to [insert your favorite Mark conspiracy theory here]. I will send you 666 RBT for every false statement and false suggestion (if you can figure out how one can make a false suggestion) that I’ve made:


I’m not sure if he blames the fraud on me because what he writes is partly unintelligible, but it’s pretty obvious that he talks about me when he talks about IP address manipulation and faking an alter ego. Yes, guys. I was able to find a service like CyberGhost and create several forum accounts. I is really good. How can one fake an alter ego when the alter ego is already fake? I guess he thinks I’m a master at double faking alter egos. But he caught me, because he’s triple … ish betterer than I is:


So he knew about the PM I sent. Why is he attacking me only when I was part of a group? We discussed the burning and I sent the PM. We were all backing it, but this just shows that he decided to make me the big bad wolf despite having the PM as evidence of me working together with most of the other Elite members at the time.

I’ve already written about his claim of deranking me, and I’ve shown evidence to the contrary. He’s shown no evidence to support his claim because he has none. Would you believe me, who hasn’t been caught lying, or Mark, who’s been on a lying spree since Rimbit’s inception? You decide:


Cellule asks for proof from Mark:


He says the RTG will get back to us about my wrongdoings, but we’re still waiting. He continues to mention my horrible crime of creating “sock puppets” as if it means his world will end because of it:


Tom Scott wonders why these “sock puppets” are so dangerous to Rimbit’s future, and would rather want to know where the IGG money has gone:


What is it that I’m being accused of? I’ve seen no evidence of me “destroying Rimbit from the inside”, and Tom Scott and the rest of us never received an answers to that question:


BobBobert starts a thread asking about the rich list. Suddenly a new “face” chimes in to announce that “everything” BobBobert asks about makes sense to him. One thing is that this member is new, but he shouldn’t even have access to this part of the forum until he gets 10 posts to his name:


I’m not sure what Fireguy71 means, but I think he’s trying to show that this new member was able to post because of an error:


Mark has another explanation. He thinks that members who haven’t posted 10 times should also be able to see what’s going on. So he removed that 10-post limit, but he also deleted Davinder Sidhu’s post? If Davinder Sidhu removed his own post, I wish he could explain why:


These are the last posts that I have from the “old” forum. Mark says that he contacted those working on He contacted jskramer, but he deleted my WordPress login to, so I guess that’s why he didn’t contact me. Luckily for Davinder Sidhu he can now access everything on the new forum. I’m sure we’ll see a lot more from him. Now the community will decide which posts to delete, and not Mark posing as “admin”. A new affiliate program is announced, which I’m sure will result in the distribution of the remaining 250 million RBT in no time. Shall we say somewhere between 10 years and never? It’s clear that Mark sees no problem with him continuing as the dictator until the cold wallet is empty (and who knows for how long after that):


BobBobert and cbreum ask questions, and Mark actually answers for a change … but not all questions, of course. What happens from this point on is anyone’s guess, but as long as Mark is the captain there is no telling which way he steers the ship: